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The Writing Journey

The Writing Journey Do you feel emotionally or creatively blocked? Or suffering from writer's block? Do you want to develop new approaches to life? Have fresh insights? Perhaps you need to come to terms with loss or illness? Or are suffering from old wounds caused by past events?

Take the Writing Journey

The Writing Journey's creative writing exercises will take you to the place where you need to be. Our exercises will help release ideas, and lead to new perspectives. These exercises also promote emotional healing, physical well being and boost personal development.

On The Writing Journey, we will guide you through the writing process to the place where you can personally experience the powerful and therapeutic aspects of writing. It is a journey through the self, through trapped feelings and blocked emotions, so that you can look in on and out from your innermost self. It's a journey through time, looking back and looking forward with fresh visions and a new voice.

Look at this page for the wide range of benefits you can gain from The Writing Journey.

Creative Writing
We all can write, but sometimes we lack confidence. Sometimes we don't know where to start. We each have a voice, but frequently it has been locked away or silenced.

Discovery Writing
The Writing journey will give you new views if you need to move forward but feel stuck. Your answers will start appearing, even if you don't know the question.

Writing Therapy
Writing down your thoughts and feelings about stressful events and traumatic experiences is not only beneficial to emotional healing. Studies repeatedly show that writing about feelings reduces stress levels, improves physical immunity and increases the overall sense of well-being. More than that, it's a totally self-dependent approach to recovery. You become your own counsellor.

Journey for You

The Writing Journey course is designed for anyone who wants to release and expand their personal and creative potential through writing. The courses are particularly beneficial to:

Guided Journey
You don't need any experience or special writing skills to take The Writing Journey. We will guide you through the various exercises and activities. You may meet your inner self and find your unique voice. You will surprise yourself with your writing style.

Private Journey
There is never any pressure to disclose your thoughts or writings. You always have the time and space you need. On The Writing Journey, you are always in charge of whether you share, store or shred.

Choose Your Journey

In-house small group workshops
Courses for groups who work in the caring professions and groups of individuals undergoing similar experiences. See details.

Open group workshop
We run regular open group workshops in various UK locations. Our next open group workshop.

On-line course
A self-paced course online (coming soon)

An illuminating experience

You may not find your Writing Journey always joyful. You may find it difficult, challenging, or you may feel upset and tearful. But you will find it rewarding and illuminating, as so many of those who have already taken the Writing Journey say!

This is your journey.
Take the journey to discover your own unique voice born from your unique experiences and circumstances.
This is your own writing journey.